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The Repatriation Tool

The Repatriation Tool is a component of the PHRS that allows hospitals to electronically create and receive requests for patient transfer/repatriation from higher level acute care hospitals to other acute care hospitals that can provide the ongoing care required by the patient. This electronic tracking tool enables the collection of data related to the repatriation and transfer of patients including timeliness, challenges and responsiveness of the hospitals using the system.

Use of the Repatriation Tool by acute care hospitals in Ontario supports the Provincial Life or Limb Policy by assisting with the flow of patients from higher to lower level acute care settings. Critical Care Services Ontario (CCSO) has created the CCSO Repatriation Guide to assist hospitals in their use of the Repatriation Tool.

Hospitals can request access to the Repatriation Tool. Additional information and resources for the Repatriation Tool, including hospital-level Repatriation Reports, are available in the PHRS Document Library.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Repatriation Tool, please contact your CritiCall Ontario Client Relations Manager.