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Our Client Relations & Education Team

Under the direction of the Manager, Provincial Client Relations & Education, the team of six Client Relations Managers provides CritiCall Ontario stakeholders with a liaison between their organization and CritiCall Ontario. There are also two dedicated CCIS Educators in the department to support hospitals and their critical care staff in their use of the Critical Care Information System.

Our team offers on-site education, live webinars, self-directed learning tools, and data and report interpretation guidance to support your organization’s specific needs.  We also provide stakeholders with orientation to the CritiCall Ontario Call Centre processes. Members of the Client Relations & Education team participate as active members of numerous hospital, LHIN, provincial and medical specialty committees and working groups that have come together to drive quality improvements throughout Ontario.

To learn more about CritiCall Ontario and how we can work together, contact your Client Relations Manager or CCIS Educator directly.

Joanne Dempsey
Manager, Provincial Client Relations & Education
(289) 396-7000 ext. 7577
Gloria Elton
CCIS Educator
(289) 396-7000 ext. 7560

Martha Cousins 
Client Relations Manager
(289) 396-7000 ext. 7584

Felix Harmos

Client Relations Manager
(289) 396-7000 ext. 7585
Denise Polgar
Client Relations Manager
(289) 396-7000 ext. 7586

Leanne Yonev
Client Relations Manager 
(289) 396-7000 ext. 7568