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Consultation Guidelines

The physicians who provide consultations through CritiCall Ontario are specialists working in tertiary hospitals throughout Ontario. They are not employed by CritiCall Ontario and are often working hard to care for patients within their own hospitals while answering calls from CritiCall Ontario. In order to support the consulting specialists in providing efficient and comprehensive consultations to their peers, Consultation Guidelines have been created for several specialties. These guidelines provide additional detail to physicians who require a specific type of consultation for their patient. Consultation Guidelines, developed by Critical Care Services Ontario (CCSO) in conjunction with the Provincial Neurosurgery Ontario and the Ontario Trauma Advisory Council, are currently available for:

The resources below have been endorsed by the Emergency Services Advisory Committee: CorHealth provides strategic leadership to improve cardiac, stroke and vascular services for patients in Ontario. The resources below have been made available by CorHealth: The Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) has created the worksheet below to help guide the Telestroke referral process.