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Urgent and Emergent Support for Hospital-Based Physicians

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Hospital Redirect

There are planned and unplanned circumstances that can impact a centre’s ability to participate fully in CritiCall Ontario’s process for urgent/emergent consultation/transfer for specialized patient care needs. During the pandemic, hospital capacity and staffing are being universally stretched and there is a heightened need for all centres to commit to making substantial efforts to maintain access through CritiCall Ontario for patients requiring urgent or emergent transfer for specialized care needs. Maintaining timely access to urgent/emergent care across all sites avoids placing additional pressures on other centres that are accountable for providing specialized or regional services.

Please review the Process for Requesting Temporary Redirect Status for Your Hospital or Program for instructions. Information includes:

  • Requirements for requesting a redirect for CritiCall Ontario transfers
  • How to request redirect for CritiCall Ontario transfers
  • Process for working with CritiCall Ontario during redirect
  • CritiCall Ontario’s process during redirect