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The Repatriation Tool

The Repatriation Tool supports patient flow within the broader hospital system by enabling hospitals to both initiate and receive requests to move patients either from or to their hospital, as appropriate, for the patient’s ongoing care. These requests are initiated electronically within the Repatriation Tool so that information related to the patient’s ongoing care requirements can be communicated and hospitals can signal their ability to accept the patient if possible. The Repatriation Tool enables the collection of related data including timelines, challenges and responsiveness of the hospitals using the system.

How many acute care hospitals use the Repatriation Tool?

Since 2014, the Repatriation Tool has been available to all acute care hospitals in the province of Ontario. There are currently more than 2000 active users.

What are the benefits of using the Repatriation Tool?

  • The Repatriation Tool is a standard system available to all acute care hospitals in Ontario designed to enhance the repatriation process, inform strategic planning, and ultimately improve patient care and patient flow.
  • It provides a mechanism to consistently request and track the repatriation/movement of patients from one acute care hospital to another.
  • CritiCall Ontario provides access, training, and educational support to hospital users.
  • CritiCall Ontario provides data and reporting from the Repatriation Tool through reports/dashboards that include business intelligence.
  • Standard reports are available through CritiCall Ontario’s CORD BI portal and combine individual hospital indicators with related repatriation activity.
  • Repatriation Tool data supports hospitals, regions, the MOH and specialty groups in system planning and service delivery.
  • The Repatriation Tool is also a support for the Provincial Life or Limb Policy.

For more information about CritiCall Ontario’s PHRS Repatriation Tool or to book a webinar with a member of our team, please contact clientrelations@criticall.org