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Data & Reports

CritiCall Ontario Data 

CritiCall Ontario captures data from its multiple systems and services including:

This data is used to produce reports to support hospitals, Ontario Health, the Ministry of Health (MOH) and specialty groups in system planning and service delivery.

How to Access Data and Reports 

CritiCall Ontario Reports & Data with business intelligence (CORD BI) is the primary source of data on hospital use of our systems and services. It’s innovative, convenient and transparent design allows hospital users to access key performance indicators and easily and efficiently perform queries for the types of cases they are most interested in. There are multiple dashboards, some of which combine multiple CritiCall Ontario data sources, and users can drill down to case level data for their hospital.   

PHRS Reports
Resource, capacity and compliance data from various PHRS resource boards such as Neonatal level 3 and 2, Mental Health and Addictions, Maternal, and Repatriation are used to create reports. These are available in the PHRS Document Library.

Total Hospital Occupancy Board within PHRS
This board is a single source of information for the occupancy of all bed types across the province. Occupancy information for most hospitals is fed automatically through their ADT system directly into the board, so the information is captured in close to real time. Total Hospital Occupancy Board Compliance Reports are available in the PHRS Document Library.

Other Data Reports

For data not contained in our existing reports, please complete the data request form. All requests will be managed in accordance with privacy legislation, including the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA).

CCIS Data and Reports

CritiCall Ontario produces various CCIS reports and Specialty Scorecards as well as ad hoc reports for key stakeholders.

All CCIS Reports and Specialty Scorecards are distributed by Critical Care Services Ontario (CCSO).

Data Requests

CritiCall Ontario operates the Critical Care Information System CCIS Prescribed Registry on behalf of Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation (HHS), the Prescribed Person under PHIPA.
To request CCIS data for research or other permitted purposes under PHIPA, please complete the appropriate data request form:

Completed forms and related information must be submitted to the CritiCall Ontario Privacy Lead.
All requests will be reviewed by the CCIS Data Stewardship Committee.

Data from other CritiCall Ontario systems (excluding the CCIS) may also be requested by completing and submitting the data request form below. All requests will be managed in accordance with privacy legislation, including the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA).

For more information about how you can access CritiCall Ontario reports for your hospital, contact your CritiCall Ontario Client Relations Manager.