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Data & Reports

CritiCall Ontario collects data from its systems including case facilitation software, the Provincial Hospital Resource System (PHRS)/Repatriation Tool and the Critical Care Information System (CCIS). This data is used to produce reports to support hospitals, LHINS, the MOHLTC and specialty groups in system planning and service delivery.
Reports are available to hospitals and other health care stakeholders. For more information about how you can access CritiCall Ontario reports for your hospital, contact your CritiCall Ontario Client Relations Manager.
The following reports are available through CritiCall Ontario.

CritiCall Ontario Hospital Service Accountability Agreement (H-SAA) Reports

These reports are designed to assist LHINs and hospitals with Hospital Service Accountability Agreement (H-SAA) requirements related to CritiCall Ontario.  They identify compliance and opportunities for improvement using indicators from the CritiCall Ontario Case Facilitation System, Provincial Hospital Resource System and the Critical Care Information System.

CritiCall Ontario Case Facilitation Reports

CritiCall Ontario facilitates the consultation and referral of emergent and urgent Ontario patients.  The below reports on patient movement and specialty service responsiveness are available to hospital, LHIN and Ministry of Health stakeholders:

Provincial Hospital Resource System (PHRS) Reports

Hospital Bed and Resource capacity reports capture data entered by hospital users into the Provincial Hospital Resource System and the Critical Care Information System. Resource, capacity and data-entry compliance reports are available on both systems to credentialed users with access to the system libraries.

Critical Care Information System (CCIS) Reports and Specialty Scorecards

All CCIS Reports and Specialty Scorecards are distributed by Critical Care Services Ontario.

CritiCall Ontario operates the CCIS on behalf of Hamilton Health Sciences.
To request CCIS data for research or other purposes, please complete the appropriate data request form:

Completed forms and related information must be submitted to the CritiCall Ontario Privacy Lead.
All requests will be reviewed by the CCIS Data Stewardship Committee and must be received five weeks in advance of the next committee meeting for review at the meeting.

Meetings of the CCIS Data Stewardship Committee are scheduled for:

Approved requests will be processed by CritiCall Ontario in collaboration the HHS Office of Research Administration.