Urgent and Emergent Support for Hospital-Based Physicians 1-800-668-4357 (HELP)

New & Noteworthy

Expansion of the Neonatal, Transfer and Transport Process

The Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health (PCMCH), CritiCall Ontario and Ontario’s Paediatric Academic Health Sciences Centres’ Neonatal/Paediatric Transport Teams are partnering on a provincial process to support efficient and effective access to the level of care required for all neonatal patients.

Beginning May 1, 2018, CritiCall Ontario will act as a single point of contact for hospital-based Most Responsible Providers (MRP) to engage with consulting neonatologists from Ontario’s designated paediatric hospitals and neonatal-paediatric transport teams. This expansion of service will enable hospital-based MRPs to contact CritiCall Ontario at 1-800-668-4357 (HELP) to access advice/consultation from a higher level of care for: urgent/emergent, Life or Limb, neonatal patients with an acute condition who are less than or equal to 28 days of age or corrected age of less than or equal to 44 weeks, and/or less than or equal to 5kg; and for whom medical, surgical and/or diagnostic care is not available locally. This includes patients that require consultation/advice, transfer and/or transport from a Level I to a Level II, between Level IIs or to a Level II, for cases where medical, surgical and/or diagnostic care is not available locally.

Click here for more information or contact transport@pcmch.on.ca 

New Telephone System for CritiCall Ontario Call Centre

On Tuesday, December 12, 2017, at 6:30 a.m., CritiCall Ontario will make the switch to a new telephone system in its provincial Call Centre, 1-800-668-4357.

Here’s what you can expect:

Each year, the number of cases CritiCall Ontario facilitates is growing. We need to make sure the technology we have in place in our Call Centre can keep pace with our needs and yours. This new and modernized system will replace the previous technology to support effective management of all incoming calls and position CritiCall Ontario well to continue to build for the future. Full integration with our electronic documentation software will support accurate time stamping for time-related indicators and the collection of reliable metrics for performance monitoring.
We want to make sure that our stakeholders are ready to make this change with us. We have created some support material outlining the new automated menu options and how to use them. We also have a team of Client Relations Managers available to answer your questions and provide you with any additional information. Please click here for contact information or call us at (289) 396-7000.

Changes to ONTC Process

The One Number to Call (ONTC) process is designed to support effective and efficient inter-facility transfer of confirmed Life or Limb adult patients. On May 2, 2017, CritiCall Ontario introduced several changes including:

 For more information, please review the updated ONTC Guide.

CritiCall Ontario partners with Cancer Care Ontario to facilitate Adult Acute Leukemia cases

Hospital-based physicians who need assistance caring for adult patients with suspected or confirmed acute leukemia can now contact CritiCall Ontario at 1-800-668-4357 (HELP) for support. CritiCall Ontario will collect basic information about your patient’s immediate care requirements and then contact an acute leukemia specialist to provide a consultation and assist with your patient’s acceptance to another hospital if necessary.
For more information, please refer to the Adult Acute Leukemia Case Facilitation poster.

One Number to Call (ONTC)

On December 9, 2015, CritiCall Ontario began coordinating the transport of Confirmed Life or Limb adult patients by directly contacting Ornge or the appropriate Central Ambulance Communications Centre (CACC) on behalf of the referring hospital to ensure patients receive timely access to care.

One Number to Call (ONTC) is a collaborative initiative designed to streamline access to emergency health services in Ontario by providing a single point of contact for Emergency Departments and other referring physicians to obtain coordinated consultation and transport services for their life or limb threatened patients. The goal of ONTC is to ensure patients receive timely access to care at the closest, most appropriate hospital and via the most appropriate method of transport. If the patient is Confirmed Life or Limb, CritiCall Ontario will assist the referring hospital by contacting Ornge or the appropriate CACC directly to coordinate appropriate transport for the patient.  Referring hospitals will continue to contact transport providers directly for all other urgent or emergent patients who require transfer.

Neonatal Acute Consult, Transfer & Transport

In September 2015, CritiCall Ontario extended support for hospital-based physicians in Ontario by adding access to neonatal acute care consultation, transfer, and if necessary, transport support for physicians caring for neonatal patients. Physicians can contact CritiCall Ontario at 1-800-668-4357 (HELP) if they are having difficulty with resuscitation or stabilization or accessing the necessary resources (equipment/ expertise/transport team resources) to meet the patient’s resuscitation or stabilization needs.

Mental Health & Addiction Resource Board and Dashboard

CritiCall Ontario introduced the Adult and Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Addiction Resource Boards and Provincial Mental Health & Addiction Dashboards in March 2016 through CritiCall Ontario’s Provincial Hospital Resource System (PHRS). These resources provide up-to-date information about the number of available inpatient Mental Health & Addiction beds in all Ontario hospitals with mental health & addiction programs, as well as Mental Health & Addiction inpatient bed capacity information (based on the number of individuals waiting for inpatient beds). This information can be used by staff, particularly in Emergency Departments, to help locate appropriate and available Mental Health & Addiction beds and services for patients in need. Hospitals can then work together to coordinate the movement of these patients to the most appropriate care setting.

Ontario Renal Resource Board

The Renal Resource Board within the Provincial Hospital Resource System supports the work of The Ontario Renal Network by providing a capacity management repository for renal resources across the province. Updates to the Renal Resource Board include hemodialysis capacity information, hours of operation and capital equipment inventory. Each facility/site with these services is required to update the Renal Resource Board once a week. The Ontario Renal Network monitors these entries.