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Provincial Hospital Resource System

The Provincial Hospital Resource System (PHRS) provides a single source of information on the availability of acute care and psychiatric beds and resources in Ontario hospitals. Built and managed by CritiCall Ontario, the PHRS is available to all acute care and psychiatric hospitals in Ontario as a common system to keep bed and resource information up to date. CritiCall Ontario may use this information to assist with day-to-day case facilitation and during times of crisis or disaster when a coordinated effort to relocate patients from affected areas is required.

CritiCall Ontario relies on hospitals to help keep the bed and resource information in the PHRS current. You can keep CritiCall Ontario informed of any changes to your resource or organizational information by completing the PHRS Service Inventory.

Hospitals and Ontario Health can request access to the PHRS. Once registered, PHRS users can visit the Document Library in the PHRS to access user manuals, educational materials including self-directed modules and webinar training schedules, and PHRS Hospital Reports for their organization. Contact your Client Relations Manager for more information including education and training opportunities.